I created about 100 illustrations for a commercial project that later underwent a style modification and brought me a lot of joy. The process of modifying the style of the project was a creative journey that allowed me to explore new techniques and experiment with different color palettes and textures. I was able to breathe new life into my illustrations and give them a fresh, unique look that truly reflected my personal style. The end result was a project that not only met the client's needs but also allowed me to express myself creatively and enjoy the work that I do.

I have created four characters that interact with each other in various situations. To make the stories more engaging, I have incorporated a cat and a dog that play an active role in the narrative. In fact, they are sometimes placed at the center of the composition, adding an extra layer of depth and interest to the illustrations.

When all the illustrations were completed, I felt inspired to include myself as a character in some of the drawings. I created several illustrations and storylines that I could use in my portfolio or cv. These illustrations not only showcased my artistic abilities but also demonstrated my creativity and ability to tell a visual story. It was a rewarding experience to see my own character come to life in the illustrations.

After taking on the challenge of portraying myself as a character, I turned my artistic focus to my team at "ILLUSTRATIVNO" project. Since 2020, we have been passionately dedicated to showcasing the talent of illustrators from every corner of the globe. With over 1000 artists represented in a diverse range of styles, our project is a true celebration of creativity and originality. If you’re curious to explore our work, please follow the link or scan the QR code.

The next phase of transformation and exploration led me to a combination of my film archives and illustrations, resulting in a unique and captivating fusion.

My passion for illustration continued to evolve, leading me to explore my family and personal archives of black and white photographs. These old photos, filled with nostalgia and emotion, served as the perfect inspiration for my artwork. If you want to see the results of my journey, you can follow me on Instagram, where I showcase my illustrations and the stories behind them.

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